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Summer Face Covering Requirements

  1. All Bridgestone Retail Operations Teammates must wear a face covering while working unless (1) it is unsafe to wear the face covering while performing a service, or (2) the Teammate has received an accommodation due to a documented health condition.

  2. For the Service Department only, Teammates may remove their face covering when working alone in segregated spaces such as a car bay where they do not come within six feet of others. However, Teammates in the Service Department must continue to comply with the Summer Face Covering Requirement in the following situations:

    1. When inside a customer’s vehicle
    2. When working in proximity (6 ft.) of another Teammate or customer or when unable to maintain a safe social distance
    3. When a Teammate is escorting a member of the public into the shop area
      1. Escort must stop at the door and call out “Customer in the shop”, directing all other Teammates to wear a mask until the customer exists the area
    4. When local law mandates that Teammates wear a face covering
    5. When leaving the Service Department area

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