Hibdon Tires Plus Tire Speed Rating Chart

Your tires are designed to perform under certain conditions. The tire speed rating system is a way for you to discern what circumstances are right for your tires, and make decisions on which tires are right for your vehicle! 

What Does Tire Speed Rating Mean? 

Simply put, a tire’s speed rating indicates the range of speeds at which it can safely perform. Tire speed ratings are indicated by the letters A-Z, with A1 tires having the lowest speed capabilities at 3 MPH and ZR having the highest at 149 MPH.

Speed ratings are measured and certified in controlled, lab-like situations, which are entirely different from the roads and circumstances you drive in every day! In other words, just because your tires are rated for high-speeds doesn’t mean you should push the pedal to the metal every time you hit the road. 

How Do Tire Speed Ratings Work?

To give you an idea of what speed ratings mean in real life, we’ll provide an example. Say you have Q-rated tires. The “Q” means that, in a controlled environment, your tires can safely handle speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

Even though your car can probably go faster than that, pushing your tires past that limit is not safe. Q-rated tires are simply not designed to handle the pressure of going faster than 100 miles per hour for extended periods or distances.

Where Can I Find My Tires’ Speed Rating?

You can find your tires’ speed rating at the end of each tire’s service description or inscribed on the sidewall. If you can’t locate it there, check the driver’s side door jamb, gas tank lid, and owner’s manual for more info, or contact the tire manufacturer for specifics! 

Once you’ve located your tire’s speed rating, you can cross-reference the speed rating chart below to discern your tire’s speed capacity. Keep in mind that this speed capability is measured under standardized conditions, and that your tire’s real-life max speed might be lower due to tire condition, inflation levels, road conditions, weather, and cargo loads! To ensure proper tire performance, you should practice proper tire care and drive below your tire’s maximum safe speed at all times!

Tire Speed Rating Chart

Use this chart to see the top speeds that correspond with your tire’s letter rating.


Speed Symbol

Speed (km/h)

Speed (mph)
A1 5
A2 10 6
A3 15 9
A4 20 12
A5 25 16
A6 30 19
A8 40 25
B 50 31
C 60 37
D 65 40
E 70 43
F 80 50
G 90 56
J 100 62
K 110 68
L 120 75
M 130 81
N 140 87
P 150 94
Q 160 100
R 170 106
S 180 112
T 190 118
U 200 124
H 210 130
V 240 149
W 270 168
Y 300 186
205/60R15 91V
205  = Section Width in Millimeters
60  = Aspect Ratio
R  = Radial Construction
15  = Rim Diameter in Inches
91 = Load Index (Service

V = Speed Symbol

When tires have a maximum speed capability above 149 mph (240 km/h), a "ZR" may appear in the service description and if it can handle over 186 mph (300 km/h), it must. Here is an example:

Tire Designation

Maximum Speed
P275/40ZR17 93W

270 km/h (168 mph)
P275/40ZR17 93Y

300 km/h (186 mph)


Understanding Tire Speed Ratings 

If you’re still not sure what your tires’ speed rating is or which speed rating you should look for in the next set of tires for your car, visit your local Hibdon Tires Plus. We can provide you with the tire-buying assistance and mounting services you need to buy and drive with confidence. 



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